Spiritual healing

The Spiritual Healer is a channel for the inflow of Universal Energy, the source of which may be interpreted by individuals consistent with their own personal belief. spiritual Healing is holistically safe and non-invasive. it is the Universal Healing which will be channeled by individuals UN agency have an ability, which has been enhanced by training, to attune them to this energy. it may take the shape of contact or absent / distant healing.
Contact healing – usually noted because the laying on of Hands on the body, because the energy is channeled to the patient. The patient are asked to sit down in an exceedingly chair, to receive the Healing. The patient won’t be asked to get rid of things of consumer goods except their outer coat.
Absent or distant healing – through the method of attunement, the therapist directs the energy to the one who is to receive the Healing. this could even be interpreted as prayer. A book is obtainable within the Church for anyone to feature names of individuals they know who need Healing, but are not able to come themselves.
Spiritual Healing will not intrude on any individual’s personal belief.
Please note that healing given at intervals the Church is complementary to orthodox tending associated not provided as an different to such. Patients are advised to stay taking prescribed medication and continue consulting with their doctor and/ or other healthcare practitioners with relevancy care and treatment.

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